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    The sea breathes. And you can breathe with the sea.




    Sailing charter offers you the chance to sail and scuba diving in the paradise of Costa Smeralda



    we’re going to navigate by sail in ‘archipelago of La Maddalena’, Sardinia and Corsica South West  with stops in beautiful bays accessible only by sea and diving opportunities scheduled in the places of interest, accompanied by a professional skipper and instructor / dive guide.

    This offer is for the expert sub and also people who want to try the experience the underwater world (baptism of the sea) and also the familiar who want to enjoy only the tranquility of the bay and the beautiful sea of Sardinia


    A unique opportunity for to live  fully experience the sea.


    Thanks to a partnership with Scubaonboard, plan and organize every diving part of your cruise, from single dive underwater to complete the course.

    The staff of Scubaonboard will reach the boat that accommodates you with all the necessary equipment, and depend on the level of experience of the participants (from baptisms to a professional level of the sea), will take you to visit the best dive sites in the sea area in where you are.

    A local guide will run for a briefing about all the procedures and dive sites, then the dressing with the equipment that will provide you and you are ready to enjoy the waters in safety. At the end of  activities only comfort, no stress and no space in the boat, the team will return to the ground equipment for the daily maintenance



    The proposal consists of a week’s holiday on a sailing boat of 12/15 meters with 4 cabins and 2 bathrooms with a professional skipper on board, boarding  in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia (location to be confirmed, usually Portisco and / or Palau ), with the possibility to dive for a total of 2 days per week each composed of 2/3 dives in the Park of La Maddalena, Asinara Tavolara.


    Sailing charter offers the service of all the necessary equipment for the diving directly on board, air recharge, the tender, guide / instructor.



    based on 6 pax € 1100.00

    possibility of making quotes for any location

    You can contact us by email and request quotes for free.

    info@velacharter.info www.velacharter.info


    mode of payment:
    50% of the share at the time of booking, balance due 30 days before departure. if the reservation is made less than 30 days before departure a fee must be paid in full







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