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    kite surfing combined with sailing, WHY NOT?

    Velacharter,  in the beautiful landscape of Sardinia,  offers the opportunity to combine both sports. In both sports THE WIND IS THE MASTER, so why not have fun sailing with a sailboat to the windiest spot, pull out the sail, kite surfing and have fun???

    Once finished the adrenaline experience on the kite…everybody  on board for an amazing  sailing  to reach one of the beautiful bays of  Sardinia….and finally enjoy the deserved relax, surrounded by nature quiet and unspoiled! 


    Velacharter offers two options for the kiter divided by areas (spot):


    The first possibility is surfing in the beautiful north/west of  Sardinia in the following two spots:

    1- Valledoria

    You can choose to get out on the lagoon or on the sea …  to find different conditions for each different type of kiter … the fun is guaranteed!

    2-  Stintino

    On the beach of  “Pelosa”  we could find the optimal conditions, flat water and constant wind … perfect for those who want to learn or improve ours manouvers!


    The second possibility is the eastern side of the island where there are  two characteristic zones, well known among  kiters  and  sailors as well, for their fascinating natural beauty and for the WIND!!!

     1- Porto Pollo (island of Seagull)

    A paradise for surfers … thanks to the “Bocche di Bonifacio” you can find the best conditions for almost all months of the year, this place has the highest average of presence  of  “good” wind.

    2- La Cinta

    Going south from Olbia, sailing to San Teodoro, there is the beautiful beach “La Cinta”, with its crystal clear water and just in front of it, the view of the spectacular islands Molara and Tavolara .


    Cost per person with a minimum of 6 participants

    € 750.00


    Equipment can be rented into  the beach  “La Cinta” and  “PortoPollo” as well!

    For more information or special requests please send an email to: info@velacharter.info


    way of payment:
    50% of the share at the time of booking, balance due 30 days before departure. If the reservation is made less than 30 days before departure a fee must be fully paid.





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